Pet Ophthalmology in Hoover, AL

Animals can experience eye issues that affect their daily lives, just like people can. These conditions can include corneal ulcers, cataracts, glaucoma, uveitis, eye tumor, defects in the eyelids, dry eyes, and retinal degeneration. Dr. Korsch- Dismukes can provide pets with all of the medical and surgical care they may need while being treated with the utmost care and compassion while also keeping them comfortable.

Ophthalmic diagnostics
· Schirmer tear testing
· Fluorescein staining
· Tonometry (intraocular pressure)
· Gonioscopy
· Electroretinography
· Ocular ultrasound exam
· OFA examination for hereditary ocular diseases
· In-house bloodwork/urinalysis and sampling for wide range of diseases

Cataract surgery with artificial lens implantation

· Phacoemulsification with adaptive fluidics
· Lens luxation; medical and surgical treatment
· Sulcus lens placement, anterior vitrectomy
· Diabetic cataracts, hereditary cataracts, traumatic cataracts

Treatment and/or surgery for corneal diseases
· Corneal ulcer therapy
· Corneal grafting
· Corneal cross-linking
· Corneal injury or laceration repair
· Bandage contact placement

Treatment and/or surgery for eyelid abnormalities
· Eyelid reconstruction (injury or birth defects)
· Entropion repair
· ‘Cherry eye’ repair (third eyelid gland prolapse)
· Cryosurgery for distichia
· Ectopic cilia removal
· Eyelid tumor removal
· Allergic eyelid disease, auto immune eyelid disorders

Proptosed eye replacement

Orbital diseases

· Retrobulbar tumors
· Retrobulbar abscesses

Dry Eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) treatments and surgeries

· Cyclosporine implants for long term dry eye treatment
· Parotid duct transposition for severe, refractory dry eye cases
· Neurogenic dry eye treatment

Glaucoma diagnosis and treatments

· Medical management of glaucoma
· Gonio-implant surgery (aqueous humor shunts)
· Laser surgery for glaucoma, cryosurgery for blue-eyed dogs
· Evisceration with intrascleral prosthesis (cosmetic alternative to enucleation)

Retinal and optic nerve disease treatments

· Immune retinitis
· Retinal detachments
· Progressive retinal atrophy
· Optic neuritis
· Hypertensive retinopathy
· Sudden blindness (sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome or SARDS)

Laser surgery treatment options for

· Ocular melanoma
· Retinal detachments
· Preventative or barrier retinopexy
· Glaucoma (diode laser cycloablation)